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    Exlan is a renowned garment manufacturer and exporter of quality knitwear from India
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    exlan offers flexibility by Structuring
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To be a globally renowned textile Apparels and we have supplied quality products only.

"Exlan is a renowned garment manufacturer and exporter of quality knitwear from India". We are one of the leading High Class Hosiery Manufacturers and exporters of quality readymade apparels. Ready-to-wear has rather different connotations in the spheres of fashion and classic clothing. In the fashion industry, designers produce ready-to-wear clothing,Some fashion houses and fashion designers produce mass-produced and industrially manufactured ready-to-wear lines but kids offer apparels that are not unique but are produced in limited numbers.

Exlan Knitter Products

clothing is and has been made from many materials. These materials range from grasses to furs to much more elaborate and exotic materialsCloth is either woven or knitted and can be made from a large variety of fibers.

We make men’s all types of t-shirts that include Crew Neck, Plain, V Neck, Printed, Casual, Hooded & Collar T-shirts, Polo Shirts,all mens wear.

We make womens Printed , Embroidered , Crew Neck , V Neck T-shirts, Graphic Tees,Tie & Dye ,Ruffle , all design dresses

We make Baby Panties,Pullover, Cardigan,Knit Skirt,Onesies,Quilt & all kids dresses.

children's,Mens and womens inner are made,its using only for Quality cloths.

About Us


"Exlan knitting offers flexibility by Structuring the products to meet specific buyer’s requirements. Our goal is to build a partnership that contributes to the long term successful relationship"

The Company

The company strives for consistent quality improvements on each level of its operation and has laid thrust on development activities. On job training to workers is an integral part of its philosophy.

Our Strength

Our strengths are based on its expertise in Creative Design, Manufacturing System and Quality Control and our well established commercial base


Quality Knit Wears Private Limited has sound infrastructural set-up which is powered by latest technology and state of the art machineries.Bulk orders for manufacture of apparels of all styles with short lead time for production are undertaken.

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Dyeing is the process of adding color to textile products like fibers, yarns, and fabrics.Dyeing is normally done in a special solution containing dyes and particular chemical material. After dyeing, dye molecules have uncut chemical bond with fiber molecules.

The primary source of dye, historically, has generally been nature, with the dyes being extracted from animals or plants.produced artificial dyes to achieve a broader range of colors and to render the dyes more stable to resist washing and general use.

common dyeing process

cotton yarn with reactive dyes at package form is as follows:

  • The raw yarn is wound on a spring tube to achieve a package suitable for dye penetration.
  • These softened packages are loaded on a dyeing carrier's spindle one on another.
  • The carrier is loaded on the dyeing machine and the yarn is dyed.
  • After dyeing, the packages are unloaded from the carrier into a trolley.
  • The packages are then dried to achieve the final dyed package.


Standardized sizes made inexpensive, garments economically feasible. They gave shoppers a reliable guide to finding clothes in self-service shops.

The Process

Man power

Dedicated management and skilled work force both in administration and production with total commitment to achieve consistency in quality. The entire organization is committed towards honoring shipment schedules.


The standard of fibres, yarns, fabric construction, colour fastness, surface designs and the final finished garment products. However quality expectations for export are related to the type of customer segments and the retail outlets.


Quality Knit Wears Private Limited never claims to offer the lowest price as cheap products may come with compromise in quality and they constantly strive to provide good quality at very remunerative price.

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